05. Transformational

Train the Trainer (TTT)


Making corporate entrepreneurship and innovation programs sustainable and scalable

12 weeks | from € 5,000

The Problem.

Companies are spending a lot of money on consultants who may do the job for you, but don’t transfer the skills and mindset so you can do it all by yourself in the future. You will only create a culture of innovation if your own people have been transformed into top innovators who can become evangelists and also spread the skills and mindset.

The Solution.

The Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE) transforms Intrapreneurs or Innovation Managers into internal Innovation Mentors. Various Train the Trainer (TTT) programs are available to qualified participants so that they can inherit and practice the mentoring skills required to be able to further mentor Intrapreneurs and Innovation Managers on projects during various innovation phases and at different levels of capability. This approach helps your organisation to scale the necessary innovation capabilities and create a culture of innovation. Ultimately you can implement your own internal “Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship” to scale innovation support across the organisation.

The Value

    Reduce your reliance on external agencies to innovate

    Create new innovation career paths for your most capable innovators

    Ensure sustainable and scalable innovation programs

Lower the cost of Innovation Education

Train the Trainer (TTT) programs focus on developing qualified Intrapreneurs or Innovation Managers who will be known as Mentors in Training (MIT’s). The program is usually delivered in 2 steps: 1) Information Download and 2) Live Implementation, where the MITs will learn directly from experienced AfCE mentors during real implementations of the selected program. TTT can currently be applied to the following programs for participants who qualify.


Corporate Start-up

Corporate Incubation

MIT’s will be able to run innovation programs requiring only minimal support from external AfCE mentors, thus dramatically reducing the cost of your programs as you scale.

1 Year Content License including all new and updated AfCE content as well as refresher training and mentor lifeline.

Innovation Mentor badges and certificates awarded to successful participants for each program.

Client Success:

After running 2 cohorts of the Corporate Start-up Accelerator and observing that 50% of participants performed extremely well, Migros decided to further develop 6 MIT’s. These Intrapreneurs have been instrumental in supporting further innovation initiatives to a much broader audience thanks to the dramatic reduction in costs due to the MIT’s “stepping in” for AfCE mentors.

Bayer views the TTT program as a method to further enhance its existing 800 Innovation Ambassador network and 80 Innovation coaches so they can fully support corporate start-up teams to go from Ideation to Incubation. MIT’s therefore allow Bayer to offer corporate start-up teams more end to end support, rather than just ad-hoc workshops or generic advice.