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Innovation Journey Map 

Free Innovation Tools

We’ve put together a starter pack of Innovation Tools for you to use with your teams. These will probably make more sense if you have already completed some AfCE programs but even if you are completely new to corporate entrepreneurship, they will give you a feel of what our programs can deliver.

The Idea Submission Template

How to submit an idea and team.

Innovation Managers may use this template to ask employees to respond to a proposed innovation challenge which can be stated in the top right. Email employees the template and ask them to fill in the various sections and submit to you or upload into your program web page or platform.

Innovation Journey Map

37 critical steps to increase your innovation team’s survival rate.

Intrapreneurship is a journey and this is your moment of truth to track and score your innovation progress along your journey. The more you fulfil each criteria, the more validated and de-risked your venture becomes.

Team Canvas

Accelerate Innovation with precise team alignment.

Whether you’re creating a team, kicking off a project or welcoming a new member, this strategic framework helps partners learn about each other, build trust and define common goals. What are the Team Roles? What’s the purpose and value? What are the rules and activities? A Team Canvas session will align expectations and boost momentum during the process.

The Bermuda Triangle

Not being specific can get you lost!

This exercise will teach you the importance of getting specific around the problem you are solving, who the customer is and the solution you may offer. If you can’t do that, we may get stuck in the Bermuda Triangle, which is definitely a place where you don’t want to be for long. Many people have never returned!

The Elevator Pitch

Communication is the key.

Used by entrepreneurs all around the world to help them clearly communicate their idea, it covers all the aspects that someone would want to hear about your idea in one sentence. However, it is not always easy to define this and as you work on this you often find better ways to formulate your idea. Your elevator pitch will remain a work in progress and may change several times as you advance through your intrapreneurship journey.

Corporate Entrepreneurship Stickers

Have some fun with these innovative phrases!

We’ve collected some of our favorite innovation phrases which you can stick onto notebooks, laptops, desks or even the toilet cubicles! These act as gentle reminders to foster the entrepreneurial spirit within your organization.

The Lean Experiment Map

De-risk your idea and validate your assumptions.

Through this 7 step Experimentation Map, learn how to generate assumptions and prioritize which ones are the most critical yet also unknown – meaning that if the assumption is not true, it could cause your idea to fail.

The Lean Experiment Playbook Poster

Communication is the key.

This overview of 24 lean experiment types is a great planning tool to help teams determine which experiments to run as their projects mature and the fidelity should be increased. Use an AfCE Prototype Fund to help with the execution.

The Business Model Canvas

Does your idea make sense?

A business model canvas defines the key elements of your business idea and highlights the critical elements of an opportunity. You will likely make changes to the canvas after you begin. Review the canvas with your colleagues. Is it clear to them? Does it make sense? Is it compelling?

Do You Speak Start-up?

Getting to grips with innovation lingo.

When pursuing innovation their are a lot of new terms to deal with. Share this short glossary with Innovation Managers and Intrapreneurs alike, play a round of bingo or just get a head start over your colleagues. Check back for updates!

AfCE Company Presentation

Add PowerPoint slides about AfCE to your own presentation.

If you need to report or present internally about AfCE, we invite you to simply use the slides from our company presentation. We’ve kept them nice and simple so feel free to edit them and fit them into your own presentation. Good luck impressing your boss! Email [email protected] if you need any further details.

The Innovation Pub Quizzes

Every few weeks we release a new quiz that exercises and grows your innovation knowledge.

Can you call yourself an innovation Guru?

Are you a Lean Start-up Ninja?

Can you speak the start-up lingo?

Millionnaires, billionnaires and well, Tony Stark. How well do you know them?

How many famous corporate innovation f***ups do you know?

You’ve heard these famous innovation quotes. But do you know who said them?

ROI Calculator

Get more ROI from your innovation efforts.

The Approach:

Increase Success Rate by 200%

9 out of 10 innovation projects fail to launch. AfCE focuses on the crucial discovery phase so that less incubation projects are required, saving 350K upfront. This increases the launch success rate by 200% leading to a very likely scenario of scaling a venture valued 10-100M. We invest more as projects become de-risked by our structured stage gates, creating higher conversion overall.

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Most programs gather way too many ideas, most of which are not suitable. Some lucky ideas are selected, largely based on the technologies they represent and management over fund the ideas, forcing them prematurely into an incubation phase to start building the solution before teams properly tested the problem with the customer. This often results in just 1 project from 10 being launched and now you have all your eggs in one basket where it is not realistic to expect that 1 launch transforming into a scale up over the next 3-5 years and achieve a 10-100mil valuation.

Using AfCE processes, we typically work from less ideas in the beginning but higher quality ones and think about the team composition. From 10 ideas we see 6 finding problem solution fit and entering incubation (either with or without us) and from these we see 50% making it to launch typically with a business unit, less so as a spin off. Therefore, our method saves 350K upfront (assume 45K per team in discovery and 200K per team in incubation) and get 200% more projects launched. That gives you a much more realistic chance of at least 1 project becoming a scale up worth hopefully 10-100 mil in the next 3-5 yrs.

Ideas + Team

Problem-Solution Fit

Product-Market Fit

Sales Traction
(first ROI)

Scale Up
(significant traction)

Typical approach

100 ideas

not completed

10 projects

Invest: 2M

1 project

Invest: 1M-2M
Value: 5M-10M


Invest: 2.5M?
Value: fail

AfCE’s approach

30 ideas

10 projects

Invest: 450k

6 projects

Invest: 1.2M

3 projects

Invest: 3M-6M
Value: 15M-30M

very likely

Invest: 2M-5M
Value: 10M-100M

ROI Calculator:

How many projects (valued at US$ 10M+ over next 3-5 years) do you want to launch?

Find out your required investment* for each innovation phase and design your program accordingly.

*based on AfCE historical data and conversion rates – implies using AfCE services

1 Project

2 Projects

3 Projects

4 Projects

5 Projects

6 Projects

7 Projects

8 Projects

9 Projects

10 Projects

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The Innovation
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Find out now exactly how far along the Innovation Journey your  project is. Use this free online tool.