02. Discovery

Prototype Fund

Helping corporate start-up teams to run fast experiments and build the right it!

Basic €1,500 | Standard €10,000 | Disruptive €17,500

The Problem.

For most teams who are not based in a purpose built incubator, the thought of setting up landing pages, creating click dummies, or simply contracting video demos is daunting. They don’t know what to do, how to do it or who can help, let alone being able to pay for it without having a tug of war with procurement and finance. This leads to a serious lack of validation and poor evidence based pitches which could have been so much more impressive…and validated!

The Solution.

AfCE’s  Prototype Fund is a pre-budgeted and approved sum that can be spent on an array of pretotype and prototype services that support lean experimentation (in line with Alberto Savoia principles) with super-fast turnaround times. The Prototype Fund can be applied to a single team as a standalone offering, or fully incorporated across a cohort of teams along with any AfCE program. Empower your teams to seek out real world validation, avoid confirmation bias and ultimately develop more successful ideas!

The Value

    Make your project tangible and come alive

    Dramatically increase the validation of your idea through better experiments

    Create an awesome pitch that will get you funded

    Re-use any unspent funds

Our Prototype Fund’s team of designers, developers, online marketers and integrated project managers offer:
  • Clickable Apps, Landing Pages, Websites
  • Storyboards, Logos, Flyers, Posters
  • Explainer & Marketing Videos
  • Online Marketing Campaigns & Ads
  • Customer Surveys
  • Hardware Design
  • Pitch Deck Design
  • External Credit Card