02. Discovery

Prototype Fund

Get your corporate start-up teams to run fast experiments and build their MVP.

This is a pre-budgeted and approved sum integrated into the Corporate Start-up Accelerator that can be spent on an array of suitable experiments and MVP services with super-fast turnaround times. This service has made such a difference to our corporate start-up teams in getting them pitch ready and showcasing the best version of their MVPs to investors/stakeholders.

Our Prototype Fund’s team of designers, developers, online marketers and integrated project managers offer:


Email / Browser

Customer surveys

Flyers, posters, brochures, storyboards

Landing pages / websites

Design prototypes

Online Marketing Campaigns

Solution videos

Credit Card (for other tasks)

Pitch Deck Design

The Value

    Make your project tangible and come alive

    Dramatically increase the validation of your idea through better experiments

    Create an awesome pitch that will get you funded

    Re-use any unspent funds

“The prototype team did a great job translating our ideas into physical mockups which we were able to put in front of the customer and collect insightful feedback. We actually had to pivot a few times!”

– Participant

“I liked working with them on our website and testing more and more serious behaviour. The turnaround times were really fast compared with what we can get done internally.”

– Participant