Innovation Programs

Programs, tools and services that help Innovators to de-risk their projects by over 200%

Plug and play our modular offerings to support Innovation Projects at Ideation, Discovery, Incubation or Launch.

Innovation Certification

For all Programs we issue (blockchain secured) matching certification to record and showcase the innovation skill acquired.

Corporate Start-up Accelerators

Internal Accelerator Processes that cut through the innovation fluff to ensure teams achieve problem-solution fit.

This flagship offering played a big role in helping Bayer’s Intrapreneurship program unlock 1 Billion EUR of new annual revenue potential.

•  14 weeks
•  10+ hours per week
•  8-24 experiments
•  Prototypes
•  3 workshops
•  12 mentor sessions
•  Mentor lifeline

Innovator / Intrapreneur DNA Tests

Our online Personality Test calibrated against 35,000 applications typically helps you identify Innovators and increases program performance by 40%.

• 30 minutes online
• 12 languages
• 85% prediction accuracy
• 2 page report
• Online Dashboard

Corporate Incubation Programs

Use lean, agile, scrum to test and build solutions that will win 50 – 100 customers within months, not years.

• Super fast development
• 16 – 32 weeks
• 3 Maturity Gates
• Full Developer team
• Real Market Evidence
• Real customers

Kickbox Programs

A popular entry-level program that inspires employees to innovate whilst offering structured and meaningful guidance.

• 12 weeks
• 5 – 10 hours per week
• 6 levels
• 20 assignments
• 4 experiments
• 6 mentor sessions
• 400% better than original Adobe Kickbox

De-Risking Innovation e-Course

AfCE has developed a self-paced interactive online course which covers everything you need to know about Intrapreneurship and will encourage employees to think about innovative ideas they can develop. This is perfect for both Intrapreneur’s and Management to become more aware of the key innovation phases (Ideation, Discovery, Incubation and Launch) and the ‘why’ around Intrapreneurship.

• 8hrs interactive e-learning Content
• Certification after Completion
• Develop Innovative Ideas
• Support Culture Change for Innovation

Prototype Funds

Our Designers, Developers and Online Marketer help corporate start-up teams to run fast experiments and build the tight ‘it’. No extra sign off, contracting or financial processes.

• Over 24 Lean Experiment types
• 72 hour turnarounds
• Pretotyping & Prototyping
• Online platform with educational materials
• 70 page prototype fund guide
• Customisable fund size

Custom Innovation Workshops

Start engaging teams and leadership with key innovation methods. We cover many topics such as Intrapreneurship, Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up, Agile, Business Model Innovation, Team Dynamics,Pitching, Innovation Strategy and more!

• 1 – 3 day workshops
• Online digital formats
• Tools & templates used by top innovators
• Real life case studies & examples
• Flexible customisable agendas
• Customised certification

Innovation Consulting & Mentoring

On demand mentoring for innovation teams or strategic consulting support for stakeholders dealing with innovation challenges.

• Over 40 mentors/consultants who can help
• Add on to your existing program
Flexible scope and timelines
Benefits from AfCE tools and templates
Fully remote and digital if required

Go To Market Pilot

Launching a solution and ensuring it is ready to scale to multiple market segments and will deliver ROI. Get teams ready for crunch time.

• Specialised Product Sprint mentoring
• Sales and Marketing channel experiments
• Validating innovation metrics
• Real traction for new solutions
• Create viable ventures

Idea Validation Services

If you need to prioritise getting ideas validated rather than spending time developing start-up teams, then this service is for you. Leverage AfCE mentors to market test your ideas.

• Faster & lower cost than Innovation Programs
• Real world validation & feedback
• Eliminate bias and tunnel vision thinking
• Apply to any innovation stage gate
• Learn which projects to kill and where to invest