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Check out short client case studies, references and quotes from some of our corporate participants across courses and programs.

Innovation Programs
worth € 1 Billion

Learn how we helped create € 1 Billion of new annual revenue potential at Bayer.

Tackling ecommerce challenges with a multi-discipline SWAT team
AfCE’s lean start-up approach to product innovation has helped to revolutionise animal care

“Fantastic material which makes the difference not only for the project but also to my life as a new entrepreneur. Congrats and thank you!”

– Joa Piazza, Brazil
Catalyst Fund Cohort 3 2019

“Congrats! The content is awesome, as well as the quality of the material, the sources and examples presented (with successful cases and also ‘mistakes’ committed by companies). We have the theory, now it is time to apply!

-Alexandre Monreal, Brazil
Catalyst Fund Cohort 3 2019

Find out how a world’s leading pharmaceutical firm turned to AfCE to help it validate its acquisition strategy
AfCE’s kickbox approach is helping this aerospace giant tackle brain-drain and ensure future success

Excellent e-learning! Learned a lot, looking forward to now practising the concepts!!!!

-Amina Dussud, Mexico
Catalyst Fund Cohort 3 2019

Catalyst Fund 2019 Kick Off Mexico

An AfCE Kick Off Event is a 2-3 day workshop for teams entering a Corporate Start-up Accelerator Program or an Incubation Program. All teams perform customer interviews and test critical assumptions around their ideas, guided by world-class mentors, often in their native language.
How AfCE built a cross-function innovation team to help this industrial giant improve customer service

A multinational healthcare brand has revolutionised clinical trials by challenging established thinking with AfCE

How AfCE and Girbau championed a sustainable approach to innovation

“This program should be a must to all middle and top managers in traditional corporate companies to change the mindset and instil a sense of urgency for disruptive innovation and business acceleration.”

Catalyst Fund 2019
AfCE’s mentor-led approach to intrapreneurship aims to capitalise on this idea in the business world.

There are a number of personality traits which intrapreneurs have in common, and they can be identified in a 30 minute online ‘DNA test’.

Intrapreneurship develops the skills of the most self-motivated, proactive, and action-oriented employees who have leadership skills and think outside the box.

“Thanks for your support on this journey it was a the best training I have ever participated in – A life changing experience!! Thanks to the entire team!”

– Denise Bertini, USA
Catalyst Box 2019

We have done a lot of these workshops and this one was the best

– Maarten Breugem, Netherlands
Kick Off event

The program made me think about new paths to help the company to become more competitive. It also made me a more complete professional and renewed my energy to address opportunities in innovative ways

– João Piazza, Brazil
Catalyst Fund 2019