05. Transformational

On Demand Mentoring

Keeping teams on track and offering management guidance

1 hour | € 250 per hour

Sometimes clients have already committed to certain innovation projects but they appreciate non-bias external mentor guidance to keep their teams and the management on track. You may not feel ready to implement one of AfCE’s formal programs yet but you know your innovation teams or management could benefit from AfCE’s guidance in the short term.

The Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE) is able to assess and recommend suitable mentors that can help you by offering on-demand mentoring or consulting packages for both physical and virtual support, starting from just 10 hours. You do not need to purchase a pre-defined offering, but our mentors will ‘meet you where you are’ and help to solve any immediate issue around corporate innovation. Included in our rates is access to any relevant AfCE curriculum that mentors deem helpful to your cause. This can include co-designing specific workshops, events, training sessions or simply a series of mentoring calls or surgery sessions.

The Value

    Order mentoring help in small packages

    Troubleshoot problematic teams and get them back on track

    Corporate innovation consulting for when and as you need it