Marrying Business Strategy with HR Strategy

Good HR management comes down to getting the right people in the right jobs in the right places at the right times and at the right cost. Then career management is required to internally prepare them for leadership roles and future succession.

It may sound straight forward, but only few corporations come close to achieving this. Most either do not have the leadership capital needed, or lack managerial mobility. Achieving this is a continuity every company should quickly identify in order to leverage good business ideas internally and internationally.

Marrying business strategy with HR strategy has long become a key objective in many organisations. Management should focus more on increasing and advancing high potentials as these people are the leadership capital. You probably agree if you have been put through certain kinds of trainings such as high performance training, agile training, scrum certification etc.

Guess what, if you have participated in any of these programs, you might already have a strong business acumen to understand how corporate entrepreneurship can be helped.


HR as enabler for corporate entrepreneurship

As HR Management becomes more strategic in terms of achieving business goals, many companies are now able to pick out high-potentials and future leaders in their companies so they can go through a process to learn and apply what is crucial for corporate entrepreneurship.

With support from the HR division and talent development management, AfCE helps select and qualify high-potentials to go through our programs such as the 2-3 day Lean Innovation Workshop, or the 3 month Lean Intrapreneurship Program. Participants engage themselves in experimenting with ideas, customer interactions, interactive sessions to learn about lean methodologies and to accelerate their ideas into viable businesses.


Management to leverage strategic HR management to identify high-potentials

We encourage management to leverage strategic HR management in the process of identifying and locating high-potentials. Some of the ways are:

01. Identifying:
look at existing data internally, select potential candidates using the existing parameters you have.

02. Qualifying:
apply the DNA test to better understand the candidates.The test helps better qualify your candidates. Ask us for more information.

03. Locating:
it is not a concern if you run a multinational company where you would like to involve high-potentials or candidates from different cities as our program and sessions are done 90% online.However, we encourage you to do it regionally because of time differences.

04. Evaluating:
we encourage management to evaluate the business ideas the candidates are bringing into the program,at the end of the day, these ideas will be what the company will pursue for the next 5 years.


The Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship structures programs to assist your Corporate Entrepreneurs through these steps. Use this free Intrapreneurship Program Design Tool to help you get started with designing your own Intrapreneurship Program. 

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