03. Incubation

Lean Experiment Infrastructure

Enable employees to run hundreds of rapid experiments (without harming the existing business)

“We work strategically with our clients helping them create their own experiment infrastructure which could be called a “Test Kitchen” or an “Experiment Lab” for example. It works alongside the existing systems to enable the faster setup and tracking of data from behavioral driven experiments. We have set up experiment infrastructures for many of our clients allowing teams to align on methodology and, similar to kanban, run weekly sprints that can fit into and work with existing ways of working.”

Do you hear similar comments in your organization?

“To update the website we need our expensive SAP developers, but they are booked out for months.”

“Legal restrictions make it hard for us to directly interact with customers so we have to use expensive third parties and often we miss out on the context.”

“We don’t have anybody who can do Facebook or Google Ads to drive traffic to our test page.”

“Our web environment doesn’t allow us to run A/B tests so if we make one small change, it will effect all of our visitors.”

The Services

  • Marketing Ads to drive traffic via Facebook, Google, LinkedIn etc
  • Experiment backlog + prioritisation of business assumptions + testing roadmap
  • Innovation Accounting & KPI dashboards to track experiment & learning progress
  • Scrum Master style support for weekly sprints
  • A/B Testing Platform functionality for existing web sites
  • Web & mobile analytics, conversion funnel, heatmap, session recording, reporting & analysis
  • Plug and Play templates, pages and experiment examples
  • Extended team of designers, marketers, developers with hands-on skills and support to set up, execute and analyze experiments and act as extended team getting things done for you

The Value

    Empower employees to rapidly collect real data

    Increase the speed of learning & quality of decision making

    Improve your culture of experimentation and learning from customers

    Improve traction and conversion of existing and new projects

    Test on small sub-groups without harming your brand  

Client Success:

Migros Klubschule, the education arm of Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, decided to redesign their complex and outdated website. Over the years the site became very overloaded and was very slow to update due to the limited resources and access to specialised developers that are able to work on the web system. The Migros Klubschule team reached out to AfCE to help set up a Site Lab, with a mixed team of internal innovation ambassadors and web content managers. The Site Lab enables the team to test new product ideas utilising existing traffic but without the need to make changes to the existing website. During the process, key employees were further trained in lean start-up experimentation methods and were able to help execute experiments for various departments wanting to test new ideas and collected evidence to determine the best design for the new corporate website.