02. Discovery


Inspire employees to innovate and offer structured and meaningful guidance

5 – 10 hours per week, 12+ weeks | From €8,500+ per team

Have a peek inside the box.

The program comprises of a physical toolbox (which includes a welcome letter from execs, pre-paid prototype fund, experiment map, business model canvas, post-its and pens, bad ideas book, bullshit buzzer, snacks, timer, printed course materials etc.) supported by an interactive online e-learning curriculum and some expert mentoring that teams can request ad-hoc.

The Problem.

All too often, corporates promote innovation through poorly executed workshops, talks and ideation software that do not help projects or teams to mature their ideas beyond the initial enthusiasm. AfCE helps you to reach the masses, at a relatively low cost, while ensuring solid and sustainable outcomes.

The Solution.

AfCE has adapted the Adobe Kickbox program to increase its quality and success rate for participants. Our program comprises of a physical toolbox supported by an interactive online e-learning curriculum with assignments and  expert mentoring that teams can request ad-hoc. The toolbox can include a welcome letter from execs, a prepaid prototype service, an experiment map, a business model canvas, post its and pens, a bad ideas book, innovation stickers, snacks and printed course materials etc.

Customise Your Own Kickbox.

The program comprises of 6 levels including 10 assignments and up to 4 experiments that are self-paced, but typically spread over 12 weeks.
Each team receives written assignment feedback, expert mentoring sessions, a EUR 1500 prototyping service and pitch training resulting in a strong recorded business pitch from each team. Kickbox is very customisable depending on your desired impact level.

01. Motivation

02. Ideate

03. Improve

04. Experiment

05. Iterate

06. Pitch

6 levels. 10 assignments. 4 experiments. 12 weeks.

Week 1
01. Motivation

1a: Your Motivations

Week 2
02. Ideate

2a: Input
2b: Insight
2c: Ideation Session

Weeks 3 – 4
03. Improve

3a: Idea scorecard
3b: Elevator pitch
3c: Identify early adopters
3d: Customer segmentation
3e: Business model canvas
3f: Mentor call

Weeks 5 – 7
04. Experiment

4a: Customer interviews
4b: Experiment map
4c: Mentor Call

Weeks 8 – 9
05. Iterate

4a: Customer interviews
4b: Experiment map
5a: Mentor Call

Weeks 10 – 12
06. Pitch

6a: Prepare / Deliver final pitch
6b: Take your project to the next stage
6c: Mentor call
6d: Feedback form

The Value

     Scalable low-cost introduction to innovation

     Low organisational effort

     Let the market determine which are the good ideas

     Allow intrapreneurs to “bubble up”

     Increases effectiveness of follow-on programs

     Customize your KickBox box with your own internal company and program branding

Client Success:

Bayer use this program as part of their Ideation stage to encourage up to 400 teams to start exploring innovative ideas. If teams and ideas perform well, they gain a fast track into Bayer’s Catalyst Fund program, which is a Corporate Start-up Accelerator program with significantly more funding and support.