01. Ideation


A low-cost, scalable and guided DIY kit for employees to innovate.

Become a certified Pioneer Level Intrapreneur

Have a peek inside the box.

The program comprises of a physical toolbox (which includes a welcome letter from execs, pre-paid prototype fund, experiment map, business model canvas, post-its and pens, bad ideas book, bullshit buzzer, snacks, timer, printed course materials etc.) supported by an interactive online e-learning curriculum and some expert mentoring that teams can request ad-hoc.

Become a certified Pioneer Level Intrapreneur.

The program comprises of 6 levels including 10 assignments and 4 experiments that are self-paced, but typically spread over 12 weeks:

01. Inception

02. Ideate

03. Improve

04. Investigate

05. Iterate

06. Infiltrate

6 levels. 10 assignments. 4 experiments. 12 weeks.

Week 1
01. Inception

1a: Your Motivations

Week 2
02. Ideate

2a: Input
2b: Insight
2c: Ideation Session

Weeks 3 – 4
03. Improve

3a: Idea scorecard
3b: Elevator pitch
3c: Identify early adopters
3d: Customer segmentation
3e: Business model canvas
3f: Mentor call

Weeks 5 – 7
04. Investigate

4a: Customer interviews
4b: Experiment map
4c: Mentor Call

Weeks 8 – 9
05. Iterate

4a: Customer interviews
4b: Experiment map
5a: Mentor Call

Weeks 10 – 12
06. Infiltrate

6a: Prepare / Deliver final pitch
6b: Take your project to the next stage
6c: Mentor call
6d: Feedback form

The Value

     Scalable low-cost introduction to innovation

     Low organisational effort

     Let the market determine which are the good ideas

     Allow intrapreneurs to “bubble up”

     Increases effectiveness of follow-on programs

     Customize your KickBox box with your own internal company and program branding

Client Success:

Bayer use this program as part of their Ideation stage to encourage up to 400 teams to start exploring innovative ideas. If teams and ideas perform well, they gain a fast track into Bayer’s Catalyst Fund program, which is a Corporate Start-up Accelerator program with significantly more funding and support.