02. Discovery

Kick Off Event

Run real experiments with real customers.

2 day workshop.

The Process

Immerse in a 2-day workshop which gets corporate startup teams testing critical assumptions around innovative ideas. Each team is guided by their personal AfCE mentor throughout the 2 days to ensure the correct assumptions and customers are identified and the best experiments are conducted.

The Curriculum

Define your elevator pitch
How to identify early adopters
Identify your most critical unknown assumptions
Setting up your experiment
Run interviews with real customers
Complete your 1st experiment loop

Team participants form a strong bond with each other and their mentors, which is the first critical step taken before entering the 12-week Corporate Startup Accelerator phase.

The Value

    Identify the most critical assumptions

    Learn lean experiment design and tracking

    Learn and practice interviewing customers

    Practice data based decision making

    Foster teamwork and culture change

    Cross functional exposure and learning

    Pre Kick Off preparation support

Client Success:

Seven newly formed corporate startup teams flew in to Bayers’ Mexico City Innovation Hub to kick start their innovation projects. The 2 days were lead by AfCE’s CEO and 7 AfCE mentors speaking English and Spanish with their teams, along with opening remarks from Bayer’s South American regional management and the Global Head of Innovation was in attendance for the full two days. Four of the seven teams already invalidated crucial aspects of their idea within their first experiments. Similar Kick Offs have taken place in Berlin, Taipei, Seoul, Leverkusen and Barcelona.

To help further introduce corporate entrepreneurship within Migros (Switzerland’s largest retailer), AfCE was asked to run a mini version of this Kick Off for 70 participants so they could learn the principles behind Lean Startup. Six Train the Trainer participants from within Migros were leveraged so that only three AfCE mentors were required on site.

To enquire more about the Kick Off Event, please reach out to [email protected]

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