02. Discovery

Innovation Team Dynamics

Executive Masterclass

How do you select, form and support high performing innovation teams?

2 Days

The Problem

To innovate you need a team and an idea – and with 90% of corporate start-up teams failing, any successful program depends on the right team. However, how do you identify the right individuals to join your innovation program? And more importantly, ensure they don’t just form any old team – but become a high performing innovation team that can handle the risky innovation journey and drive change in your organisation.

The Solution

Stage 1. Getting the right people into the team: We help an internal idea champion to identify the best intrapreneurs / innovators to support their idea. By providing Intrapreneur DNA Tests along with dedicated e-learning materials and consulting, the idea champion can form a suitable team.

Stage 2. Helping team members to collaborate effectively. We bring the selected team together and during a 2 day face to face workshop, help the team to establish the foundation that will enable them to thrive in any innovation program. We mould their purpose, values, goals, roles & skills and rules & activities using hands on exercises that reinforce innovation mindset and behaviour.

    The Value

        Form high performing innovation and corporate start-up teams

        Increase the performance of your initiative by at least 40%

        Effectively leverage the skills and talents of individual team members

        Equip the team with innovation leadership skills for the future