01. Ideation

Innovation Strategy FastTrack

Develop a winning innovation strategy for your organization.

4 Months, Self-Paced

Join other innovation advocates in addressing top challenges faced by them when trying to implement innovation strategies, through a compact and virtual peer group-driven program. During these 4 months, you will also launch a Kickbox Innovation Program for 2 teams (8-10 participants) as your own innovation pilot.

The outcome?

After 4 months, not only will you have a solid Innovation Strategy Plan based on numerous past corporate experiences, but also real results from your own innovation pilot of launching a new program within your organization.

Launch a real innovation program 
as a pilot.

The Kickbox.

As part of your FastTrack you will launch a structured Kickbox program for 2 teams to test 2 innovative ideas for your organization.

11 Innovation

6 Peer

2 Kickbox
1 Strategy Plan

1 Mentor

Innovation FastTrack Outline

1st FastTrack Peer Session (Start)

01. Sponsorship & Positioning

02. Selecting Ideas

03. Selecting People & Forming Teams

2nd FastTrack Peer Session

Launch Kickbox Program

04. Dealing with Culture & Mindset

05. Creating an Intrapreneurship Support Structure

06. Collaborating with Startups & Open Innovation

3rd FastTrack Peer Session

07. Innovation Accounting & Reporting KPI’s

08. How to Navigate the Corporate Immune System

09. Finding a Home & Implementing Ideas

4th FastTrack Peer Session

10. How to Raise Funding

11. How to Scale your Strategy

5th FastTrack Peer Session

Evaluate Kickbox Program + Innovation Strategy Plan

6th FastTrack Peer Session (End)

The Value

    Understand and plan how to overcome your biggest challenges to implementing innovation

    Receive hands-on mentoring from a dedicated experienced innovation facilitator

    No travel required & no full-day or half-day meetings

    Cross collaborate and bench mark with your carefully selected peer group

    Bring a fellow innovation ambassador from your organization for free

Client Success:

This FastTrack was created and tested with innovation leaders from Bayer, Konica Minolta, BMW, Johnson & Johnson and Aramex by sharing their key challenges when implementing innovation strategies. These experiences were further enhanced by AfCE’s learning’s from implementing Corporate Entrepreneurship programs across 20 countries.

To enquire more about the Innovation Strategy FastTrack program, please reach out to [email protected]