02. Discovery

Innovation Culture

Executive Masterclass

Getting sponsors and stakeholders to align on innovation culture

1 day  |  €7,500 for up to 10 people

The Problem

If sponsors and stakeholders are not on the same page about what innovation is and why you are doing it, it’s easy for innovation to get stuck. Too often, stakeholders pull on different strings that go against the grain and can cause innovation teams and projects to de-rail and become ineffective. We can’t expect these stakeholders to fully undergo the program as participants do, but they need to know how to evaluate innovation progress, what attitudes are required for fostering innovation and why business model innovation is different to R&D.

The Solution

The Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE) offers a full-day masterclass customised to fit your organisation before implementing your next innovation initiative. We target innovation sponsors, stakeholders and decision makers of your initiative to learn and discuss critical innovation topics so that they may enable rather than block innovation activities. In this interactive session, participants will learn:


  • Why do we need to innovate?
  • What are the characteristics of innovation?
  • Which working methods foster innovation?
  • How can we measure success of our innovation activities?
  • What do you as management expect from an innovation program?
  • Which factors make innovation programs successful?
  • What is needed from our leadership to give our participants the best level of support?

The Value

    Get sponsors and stakeholders aligned with your innovation initiative

    Elevate your leadership’s innovation management capability

    Avoid wasting innovation budgets