02. Discovery

Innovation Accounting for Discovery

Executive Masterclass

Measure progress during the discovery phase: does the project deserve further funding?

½ Day Masterclass

Help innovation sponsors and decision makers understand the KPIs of discovery and how to evaluate a team’s progress.

The session will focus on making the case for an accounting system designed around ‘search’ principles and how it will be tied with the current accounting system measuring standard ‘execution’ (and exploitation). It is also designed for leaders who will be guiding and/or evaluating innovation initiatives and new product discovery or incubation.

You will learn how to apply four types of innovation KPIs:

1. Team progress KPIs

2. Governance KPIs

3. Corporate innovation performance KPIs

4. Startup and business model KPIs

Dan Toma: Your Masterclass Coach

Dan is a lead mentor at AfCE and also the co-author of The Corporate Startup – according to The British Library, the management book of 2018 on innovation and entrepreneurship. He is a Lean Startup & Transformation expert having worked with corporations and governments around the world.

The Value

    Be able to knowledgeably support and challenge teams during discovery

    Evaluate learnings and know that teams are progressing

    Apply activity and impact metrics effectively

    Select the best projects for further resources

To enquire more about the Innovation Accounting for Discovery Executive Masterclass, please reach out to [email protected]