03. Incubation

Incubation Development Fund

Acquire ad-hoc development resources to help quickly build and test solutions using lean and agile methods?

2 weeks per sprint | € 11,500 per team / sprint

The Problem

Most corporates or developer agencies prefer to receive a longer term and clearly defined ‘scope of work’ which does not allow for iterative lean experimentation with customers to achieve further validation. The speed of development is often severely slowed down if provided within the corporate.

The Solution

Similar to the Prototype Fund, AfCE has developed an Incubation Development Fund which provides UX, Developer, Marketing and Project Manager resources to support 2 development sprints per month for almost any type of digital offering. By hosting outside of the official corporate IT environment, many legal and financial roadblocks can be avoided in order to maintain speed of development and learning.

The Value

     Remain lean and agile to quickly test product features with customers

     Avoid developer, legal and financial roadblocks

     Remain on budget and on time

    Aligns with Corporate Incubation Programs

    Low developer rates at € 57.50 per hour

Client Success:

Bayer’s own “Catalyst Fund” generates projects via the AfCE Corporate Start-up Accelerators that receive follow on funding to enter the Incubation Sprints program. Whether testing new features with healthcare professionals to digitalise clinical trials, or to engage back office employees to play an interactive game to increase product knowledge, the Incubation Development Fund helps to build products fast.