01. Ideation

Idea Campaign Management

Do you want to quickly attract, inform and assemble suitable ideas and teams ready to innovate?

Step 1: 8hrs | € 1,500

The Problem

You don’t want to waste time with software ideation platforms, developing submission websites and portals, or screening hundreds of applicants to find a few teams who can pursue innovative ideas. You are under pressure to prove your organisation can innovate and you need to get started at a country or departmental level as fast as possible using minimum resources.

The Solution

We will set up a branded internal Idea Management Campaign for you, streamlining the campaign process and forming start-up teams that will give you the highest chances of innovation success. AfCE can advise on how to position and target your campaign, leveraging a mix of internal and external resources for best results. We can remove any bias and consider your internal politics too!

Step 01.

Create Campaign:

1. Explore Focus Area
2. Assess Channels
3. Communication Strategy
4. Submissions Strategy
5. Evaluation Strategy
6. Create Proposal

Step 02.

Implement Campaign:

1. Create Assets
2. Launch Assets
3. Evaluate Submissions

The Value

    Launch your innovation program months earlier than anticipated

    Identify the most talented and motivated individuals with great ideas

    Rely on scientific as well as qualitative data

    Leverage AfCE’s extensive innovation and team formation experience

    Peace of mind with GDPR compliant hosting off your servers