01. Ideation

Idea Hackathon

Get clarity on business ideas and form the right team to execute them.

1 Day Workshop

The Process of the Idea Hackathon Workshop

In one day, mentors from the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship can facilitate participants to explore and understand the following components of various ideas:

What is the problem?

Who is the customer?

What could be the solution?

How to communicate the idea?

During this process, the Intrapreneur DNA Test results can also be leveraged to help form balanced teams and make individuals more aware of each other’s traits and preferences. As a result, the right team combination and best ideas have been selected – the perfect starting point to enter the Discovery Phase Corporate Start-up Accelerator.

The Value

    Form motivated and balanced corporate start-up teams

    Select and define the most compelling ideas

    Achieve team forming, storming and norming stages

    Set your teams up for entering the Discovery Phase

Teams and ideas.

Client Success:

At Allianz we selected 20 Intrapreneurs where 10 of them had responded to 5 published innovation challenges with numerous ideas. We invited them to an Idea Hackathon Workshop and quickly filtered the 10 ideas down to 4 viable ideas that everyone believed in. From here, participants organised themselves into 1 team for each of the 4 ideas and created alignment and clarity around the problem, customer and solution. Each team was given homework to already start basic customer interviews, before attending the Corporate Accelerator Kick Off.