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Idea Validation Services

You need to prioritise getting ideas validated rather than spending time developing start-up teams

starting from 2-4 weeks I from €14,000

The Problem

Right now you don’t have the time or resources for intrapreneurs to explore innovative ideas but you do have ideas that need to be quickly validated before investing further. You are thinking of spin offs, new revenue streams, different business models, future partnerships, acquisitions, or simply doing something different to what has been done before, and therefore assumptions need to be validated to prove the idea will work! But you can’t develop or allocate intrapreneurs to do this for you.

The Solution

Mentors from the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE) will validate (or invalidate) your ideas for you, by applying AfCE validation methodology depending on the maturity of your idea. We become your “company builder” and apply the science and rigour to test your idea for you, in the real world. Our mentors will run the interviews, execute experiments, iterate hypothesis, develop prototypes and MVPs, identify opportunities, deliver the pitch and report back all insights and original data for your decision making.

Get expert certified mentors to truly validate your ideas, faster and at lower cost!

The Value

    Get fast real-world validation of critical innovation projects

    Remove any bias by employing an expert neutral third party

    Expose your organisation to world-class corporate entrepreneurship methods

    No hassle of selecting, forming and guiding teams

Select which validation stage gates you’d like AfCE to apply to your idea.

Typically 2 mentors will tag team together on your project and share the workload whilst offering their unique insights. Achieving validation for ideas is faster and lower cost than training corporate start-up teams or assigning in house innovation teams.