02. Discovery

Google Design Sprint

How do you quickly build and test your big solution idea, if you are not in an innovation program?

1 week

Traditionally, companies spend months on defining the perfect solution which goes through multiple iterations and multiple approvals. Teams struggle to activate designer and developer resources that enable them to build fast prototypes, especially if they are not part of an existing innovation program. Often designs are created after months but never put in front of customers to receive critical feedback. Therefore, teams looking to go into product development, should first run a design sprint.

AfCE combines mentoring with designer and developer resources to guide a team through 5 days of materialising and testing their solution. The team are only needed for 3 of the 5 days.

Day 1

Define challenge, identify assumptions and write sprint map. Sketch & discuss solutions. Team required.

Day 2

Merge and align solutions to form storyboard. Team required.

Day 3

AfCE developers & designers create the prototype.

Day 4

AfCE developers & designers iterate the solution responding to team’s initial feedback.

Day 5

Teams test the Prototype on real customers. Team required.

The Value

    Deliver a design prototype in record time

    Test solution with real users (under mentor guidance)

    Full report of conversion results and recommended next steps

    Receive designs to hand over to developers for first sprints