01. Ideation

Intrapreneurship E-Learning Course

Learn the fundamentals of Intrapreneurship.

Learn, test your understanding and get certified

7 – 10 hours + Bonus Material | €400 / US$480

Add this to your professional profile

Add this to your professional profile.

This is perfect for both Intrapreneurs and senior management.

Invest yourself or your employees in a self-paced interactive online course which covers everything you need to know about Intrapreneurship. This will encourage yourself or your employees to think about innovative ideas to develop.

It is accessible on mobile and tablet devices and available offline as well.

It is accessible on mobile and tablet devices and available offline as well.

The Curriculum.

1.0 The Fundamentals of Intrapreneurship:
1.1 The Origins
1.2 The Rise of Startups
1.3 Innovation in Corporates

2.0 Ideation Phase:
2.1 Ideation Methods & Design Thinking
2.2 First Steps to Develop Your Idea

3.0 Discovery (Validation) Phase:
3.1 Lean Startup + Experiment Methods

4.0 Incubation:
4.1 Incubation Models & Experiments

5.0 How to Implement Intrapreneurship:
5.1 GTM Pilots

The Value

     Spread awareness about Intrapreneurship

     Start identifying engaged intrapreneurs

     Start funneling new innovative ideas

     Full reporting on results and certification included

Client Success:

Bayer noticed that although participants were submitting many ideas and were showing passion to join the Corporate Startup Accelerator, people were missing a fundamental understanding of what Intrapreneurship meant which ultimately slowed them down in developing their ideas. Now it is mandatory for teams to complete the Intrapreneurship E-Learning Course before coming into the Kick Off event at the beginning of the Corporate Startup Accelerator so everyone has a common language to work from and can move quickly through the program.

“At Allstate, we are building a community of 300 Intrapreneurs. We need to make sure the community is exposed to fundamental training about Intrapreneurship, so developing the Intrapreneurship E-Learning Course with AfCE is critical for us. It helps ensure common standards and language to scale the skills as our community grows.” Maria Racho Odiamar Organisational Effectiveness Allstate Insurance Group

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