01. Ideation

Intrapreneur DNA Test

Identifying Intrapreneurs in your organisation

30 minutes | €299

The Problem

Successful entrepreneurs share common personality traits and finding that match with Intrapreneurs is a critical part of the process to ensure quality within the program.

The Solution

AfCE works with social scientists to provide the world’s most accurate personality based test to identify and screen potential Intrapreneurs. This testing process has been used with more than 35,000 entrepreneurs and has been frequently calibrated against the real world performance of launching new ventures and then further calibrated for Intrapreneurs.

The Value

     Determine intrapreneurs who would be a great fit for your program

     Increase the quality of your program by up to 40%

     Form balanced corporate start-up teams

     Provide personality insights to employees, teams, mentors and HR

Purchase a test for yourself if you’re curious about how your own Intrapreneur Match Score or in bulk for your employees to identify the right individuals for your corporate start-up accelerator programs. You will receive access to a back end management account to retrieve reports, data and insights on test results.

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Client Success:

Switzerland’s largest retailer, Migros, with over 100,000 employees, uses the Intrapreneurship DNA Test to help screen for potential intrapreneurs to accept into their program. 47% of applicants were considered to be a strong fit.

Allianz used the Intrapreneurship DNA Test to provide further personality background information about their pool of high potentials. This helped to form well balanced teams, establish empathy and aided AfCE mentors to adjust their mentoring approach.

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