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9 Lessons Learnt from Developing 400 Intrapreneurs

By Jan Kennedy Many of you have been closely following the developments of AfCE since our launch in 2014, when we were just the seedling of an idea, to try and shape how corporates innovate, by offering a more entrepreneurial approach. Many of you have been following...

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Corporate Innovation Predictions for 2019

By Jan Kennedy. Reflecting on 2018, we’ve put together six predictions for how corporate innovation will change in 2019 and beyond. Lean Startup will take over from Design Thinking Companies have been experimenting a lot with Design Thinking to help them within the...

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The Lean Startup Methodology

According to new research by Harvard Business School’s professor Shikhar Ghosh, it is noted that more than 75 percent of all startups fail. Being aware of this information, it may cause you to pause before launching a new venture, whether it is a small business or a...

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What is the value of creativity?

As a business leader, your day is filled with decisions to be made. Prioritizing projects, investment, team allocation and, of course, the best use of your time. You have had training, very likely an MBA, you have mentors, wits and experience. Still, you bump into the...

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Do you speak start-up?

Every industry has their own lingo and vocabulary. So does the world of start-ups or corporate entrepreneurship. Do you speak the lingo? Here is our start-up dictionary. Agile: Agile Project Management (APM) is an iterative approach to planning and guiding project...

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Develop innovative leaders with entrepreneurship training

There’s no getting away from it. Innovation is now a critical part of business success. Globalization and rapidly changing technology are responsible for increasing competitive pressures, leaving once dominant organisations at risk of losing market share to more...

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AfCE at Innovation Roundtable® Summit 2018

AfCE is joining the Innovation Roundtable Summit. Tuesday 6 - Thursday 8 November 2018, Copenhagen The Innovation Roundtable® Summit 2018 is the largest gathering of innovation executives in the world. At its 10th year edition, the summit is going to bring together...

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