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Top 100 Corporate Innovation Questions

Wherever big company executives turn, they’re confronted by the same messages: innovate or die; adopt an entrepreneurial mindset or die; think like a startup or die. It is becoming increasingly important for corporates to innovate either through internal R&D,...

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5 Fundamentals to Create an Innovation Ecosystem

In today’s corporate environment, it is highly important to constantly inspire new ideas and ultimately be prepared for adaptation whenever necessary. Organisations that do not choose to maintain these practices can often fall quickly to the wayside, regardless of...

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Adobe Kickbox: Powered and Perfected By AfCE

Organisations all over the globe have started to look toward innovative methods to ensure that they stay on a successful path, and that, despite their efforts, they do not fall to the wayside in an environment filled with lean startup methodologies and young companies...

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3 Steps to Implement Intrapreneurship in Your Corporation

Once you’ve identified intrapreneurs within your organization, it’s time to leverage them to bring growth to your company. The common misconception is that implementing new innovative concepts in corporations takes a long time. There is some truth to this considering...

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9 Lessons Learnt from Developing 400 Intrapreneurs

By Jan Kennedy Many of you have been closely following the developments of AfCE since our launch in 2014, when we were just the seedling of an idea, to try and shape how corporates innovate, by offering a more entrepreneurial approach. Many of you have been following...

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