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Platform Economy Summit Europe 2019
in Frankfurt

Driving new growth and value with platform and ecosystem strategies.

Europe’s leading event on business model transformation. If you don’t have a platform strategy, you don’t have a strategy.

Join 500+ senior corporate decision makers, entrepreneurs, investors, and government policy makers from the most important and innovative organisations across Europe and beyond.

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LeanStartup Night
Singapore #1
in Singapore
Designing Scalable Intrapreneurship Programs to Foster Innovation in your Organisation
Innovation Roundtable®
Summit 2019
in Copenhagen

World’s largest gathering of Innovation Executives from large multinational firms, with interactive roundtable discussions and labs moderated by experts.

Lean Innovation
in Rotterdam
Lean Innovation Summit gathers experts, founders, intrapreneurs and C-level leaders in one place to exchange the latest innovation and transformation methods, and more…
MERIT Regional
in Manchester

This Summit is an exclusive opportunity for senior HR and L&D leaders from a variety of industries who share an interest in the future of work and corporate learning trends.

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How to form Effective Corporate Innovation Teams

It’s not the IDEA that matters, it’s the TEAM! Innovation is touted as the cure-all remedy for a struggling business, however most organisations fail to innovate due to the team. The foundation of successful innovation is a team composed of motivated people, fuelled...

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Mapping Your Innovation Journey

37 critical steps to increase your innovation team’s survival rate While some say it’s the journey that counts, others prefer to focus on the destination. Many sponsors - eager to kickstart innovation - send their teams on this perilous journey unequipped.  Without a...

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Top 100 Corporate Innovation Questions

Wherever big company executives turn, they’re confronted by the same messages: innovate or die; adopt an entrepreneurial mindset or die; think like a startup or die. It is becoming increasingly important for corporates to innovate either through internal R&D,...

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