Have you come to the realization that you need more cohesiveness in your organisation, and you’d like to turn your team into a group of highly functioning entrepreneurs — all within your corporate structure?

Let’s review how AfCE can help you foster innovation within your company.

AfCE is unique in that it guides your organisation through the numerous stages of building an intrapreneurship program, when the end goal is to become a successful and innovative company.


Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship: Review

Part 1: Our Mentors

In doing so, AfCE offers world-class mentors in the realm of corporate entrepreneurship, many offering decades of experience in locations all over the world, once again complementing AfCE’s global presence. Not only are they experts in the field of corporate structure and methodologies, but they also offer impressive backgrounds rooted in:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Lean Startups
  • Entrepreneurial Mindsets
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Business Models
  • Strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • Customer Development
  • Company Growth
  • Investor Pitching
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Operations Management


With this high level of experience at your disposal, your organisation is in good hands with AfCE!


Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship: Review

Part 2: Case Studies

AfCE offers not only a structured program, but its success has been proven on a variety of fronts and case studies. Those of particular note include:



When a pharma company acquired a new drug to be used for cancer treatments in 2009, sales began to grow stagnant, with previous efforts toward innovation failing. While working with AfCE, the team ascertained invaluable knowledge from the AfCE Corporate Startup Accelerator, which enabled them to reassess their current business model. They soon discovered that their original assumptions had been incorrect, and they were finally able to move forward with a new, thoroughly tested model, producing successful results.



A large healthcare company began to realize that their methods for conducting and managing clinical trials were outdated, with a low on-time completion rate and a high margin for mistakes. When undergoing an innovation program with AfCE, they were able to embrace the idea of digitization, and set forth testing for clinical trial patients to utilize an app. They achieved high levels of engagement through the utilization of this technology, with savings of over 140 million annually through overall efficiency and the increased quality of clinical trials.  


Industrial Applications

An international producer of oil-based products was facing a challenge with their sales engineers, acknowledging that their customers were not benefitting from their newer product lines, often proving to be beneficial for the competition. Through participation in AfCE programs, the company began to understand that their sales team was often not responding to customer queries with the best-matched product choices. Therefore, a database and an internal search engine was created to process thousands of products, resulting in the most relevant options, including product properties, customer ratings and internal advice. The efficiency alone will save the company over 11 million per year.  


Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship: Review

Part 3: Four-Phase Process

AfCE utilizes a four-phase process for their rigorous programs, enabling organisations to fully reap the rewards of their sustainable corporate entrepreneurship strategies.


The Ideation phase begins your journey toward corporate entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship by identifying the best steps to achieve innovation, including selecting the right people to carry out your plan.




During the Discovery phase, your team will begin to implement innovative ideas and invest in the skills that are needed to bring forth positive outcomes, including targeting and testing a hypothesis.



The Incubation phase will use methodologies to establish frameworks and begin to invest in the most innovative projects, including discovering the best market for particular projects.


The Launch phase will include the final steps to ensure that you have the sustainable frameworks to bring your viable business or product models to fruition.

As you can see from the case studies and the comprehensive pattern of the programes that are offered by AfCE, you can expect to experience a clear-cut path toward success. Moreover, with the collective experience of such high-quality mentors, your organisation will always have the support required to reach a positive outcome.


Jan Kennedy, the Founder and CEO of AfCE, is an expert at developing intrapreneurship programs for corporate organisations. He not only oversees the creation and implementation of all AfCE programs, but he is also a Director of the Founder Institute, the world’s largest mentoring program geared toward early-stage entrepreneurs, which launches over 1,000 companies annually with an unparalleled survival rate of 72 percent.


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